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Between The Canals (2011)

DVD Cover

DVD Cover


Like many others of his age in Dublin's north inner city, Liam is a small-time criminal whose life consists of dealing drugs, getting into fights and sticking by his friends. But now his girlfriend is pregnant and he wants to change all that to become an electrician and a provider for his new family.

The problem is, his friends: Dots, a crazy thug with ambitions to be a big-time dealer and Scratchcard, a drug user with no ambition but to stay on social welfare and watch the world go by. What's more, Liam's uncle has been murdered, his girlfriend is taking money from a local gangster, and Dots' latest antics are on the point of bringing the roof in on Liam's entire world. Liam has one day in which to make his move from life in the flats to a life on the other side of everything and everyone he's grown up with - but it's St Patrick's Day, and in Dublin that means trouble everywhere.

...what makes Mark O’Connor’s debut feature stand out is the credibility of his characters and dialogue...pacey, gritty and unafraid to reveal the violence, depravity and humour of urban life.
Between the Canals is the best Irish film I have seen in a long, long time.
— Film Ireland

Cast & Crew
Writer/Director - Mark O'Connor
Producer - Deirdre Barry (for Avalon Films)
Cinematography - David Grennan
Editing - Frank Reid
Production Design - Eleanor Volpe

Liam - Damien Dempsey
Dots - Peter Coonan
Scratchcard - Stephen Jones
Aido - Barry Keoghan
Ade -Yare Michael Jegbefume

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